Over 25 years of experience in chiropractic valuations

Over many years, we have helped chiropractors throughout the UK to get a real understanding of the value of their business. There are many reasons why our customers are looking for a professional valuation so we will produce a high-quality report for you to use in meeting your personal objectives.

Selling your clinic

We will work with you to make sure that you get the most realistic valuation for the sale of your clinic.

Attracting Investment?

Make sure that your future business partner gets the best picture of your chiropractic clinic so they can make an informed decision.

Business Development

Getting a clear picture of the value of your chiropractic clinic makes business decisions much easier. It will give you a clear benchmark of where you are at today in order to reach your objectives in the future.

How do we value your chiropractic business?

We focus our attention on various key areas within your business that we know consistently raise or lower the sales price of clinics that we have studied and dealt with over many years.

Historical performance

An all-round overview with detail in the trends shown in the last 3 years accounts.

Future potential

In particular, the ability of the practice to achieve further growth in the light of its resources.

Marketing Activity

In particular the existence of processes that underpin an active marketing plan.


In particular, the visibility and accessibility of the practice to its patient base.


We take a look at the floor space, access and the number of treatment rooms, for example.


This is critical to any valuation to determine the security of tenure.

Get your clinic valued

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