Cloud Software for running your clinic

Systemising the way you and your staff work soon means that you can become less dependent on certain individuals within your clinic. We can help you to achieve the goals you want to.
Services include:

  • Assess and develop your clinic system to be efficient and productive
  • Introduction to suitable chiropractic software for use on the “front desk”
  • Consultancy seminars designed to help you maximise your patient base and effectively market your business
  • Learn tips from a successful chiropractic network

Pioneer Software – chiropractic practice management software

James Garstin, practice manager at Park Street Chiropractic Practice

“Clinic Office is quite simply the most complete clinic management software available to chiropractors.  As well as performing the vital day-to-day tasks of scheduling appointments and taking payments really well, Clinic Office’s detailed financial module enables you to easily keep track of all patient and insurance company accounts.  It also makes book-keeping really easy with fully customisable reports, better than any other software I have seen to date.Anyone who wants to reduce their wastage will love the fact that you can take and record all treatment records and patient notes digitally, thereby saving time and a whole lot of paper and storage space.  The ability to automatically send text and email reminders to patients is a huge benefit to both practitioners and patients, substantially reducing the occurrence of DNA’s.  Patients love it too. I strongly recommend anyone to try Clinic Office!”