Getting legal help when you need it

Whether you are already in business, or about to start out in the chiropractic profession (either employed or self employed) there are many legal issues for you to consider along the way. Business, more than many things in life, contains an abundance of legal traps and pitfalls that can easily be overlooked.

At Stephens & Scown Solicitors, our connection, Robert Brightly (formerly of  Brightly Commercial), understands what is involved in starting and growing a chiropractic business. His experience with countless businesses over the last 21 years enables him to identify your needs effectively and to offer sound, practical advice.

Free of the constraints of a large impersonal legal practice yet with city firm expertise, Robert is committed to providing ‘one-to-one’ service and developing lasting business relationships with the chiropractic profession.

Services include help and advice on:

  • starting in business
  • buying and selling your chiropractic practice
  • partnership, expense sharing and shareholders agreements
  • employment contracts and everyday employment issues
  • incorporating your chiropractic practice into a limited company
  • all manner of commercial contracts and business law issues

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