Getting your money back

Debt Collection
London House are specialists in bad debt collection. We will help members to collect outstanding debts. We have a proven track record in debt collection and our approach is initiated with a letter, which goes to the debtor on London House headed paper, thus distancing the problem between member and debtor and this is followed up with a telephone call. We avoid dispute, preferring to seek solutions with debtors on a face-to face basis. Litigation is the final solution.

Status Enquiries

We provide a range of status reports including pre-employment checks. Subject to the employees agreement these checks will include confirmation of a home address, a credit check which includes a report on any detrimental information recorded, and a CRB (Criminal Disclosure) report. We will also carry out an alcohol/drug test on employees if required by the member or their insurance company.

We provide a range of commercial status reports to enable members to make better business decisions, which include obtaining latest financial reports on potential new suppliers, before entering into any new transactions.

We provide a credit check facility on potential new customers which will enable members to confirm whether the customer is able to pay for their sales order.

For more information, please contact:

John Whitewood FHD
Regional Partner
London House Services Taunton
Tel:01934 863616