Telephone services and diary management for busy chiropractic clinic owners

MyRuby provide a telephone and diary support service to chiropractic clinics all over the UK and are part of the finanace4chiropractors group.

As chiropractors need to maximise their time with patients they are often not available to answer the phone and book appointments from patients

They need the support of an assistant but often don’t want the cost or hassle of managing someone full-time.

That’s where MyRuby can provide an efficient, professional solution at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

For a low monthly fee based on usage we:

  • Provide a named “Ruby” assistant to provide your service
  • Answer patient telephone calls regarding consultations, procedures and follow up
  • Manage appointment setting and diary management online
  • Liaise with patients and medical insurance companies to handle payment and treatment queries
  • Provide email confirmation and appointment instructions to patients
  • Are supported by a fully integrated IT and Telephony system ensuring data integrity
  • They make patient bookings, manage enquiries about pricing or directions to the clinic and even process payments.

Supported by a powerful IT platform, the Ruby receptionists have access to all of the information and instructions about your practice that allow them to do all of the things an in-house assistant would do at a fraction of the cost.

You can try the service for free for one week to experience exactly how it works with no obligation and no cost.

To find out more about a MyRuby chiropractic assistant for your practice and to arrange a Free Trial why not call 0800 988 0977 (mention you found them on the finance4chiropractors website) or click here to apply online for a Free Trial.