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A-Z of tax deductible expenses for chiropractors
15th August 2017

A-Z of tax deductible expenses for chiropractors “What expenses can I claim for tax relief?” Whether your business trades as a…

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Tax: Avoidance or planning?
13th August 2017

There has been much talk recently from the Government about the dislike of tax planning and and thought it might be…

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Payments On Account
26th June 2017

Payments On Account: FAQ’s When you start to pay personal tax as a chiropractor, you may start to hear the term “payments…

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Cycle Scheme
7th June 2017

Download information on the Inland Revenue cycle scheme to see if you can save up to 50% on the cost of…

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Should I Still be a Limited Company?
12th May 2017

Hands up who runs their business through a limited company? Those with one, probably feel quite content knowing they are saving…

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HMRC penalties & payments
12th May 2017

HMRC penalties & payments There are key dates specified by HMRC as to when you must send in your tax return…

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The dangers of a tax investigation
1st May 2017

The dangers of a tax investigation… 1 Why this report has been written? This report has been written as a warning! …

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How about fixing your Income Tax rate at just 10% for the next 5 years?
22nd March 2017

It strikes me that we are going through some very odd economic times right now. We have inflation soaring away, well…

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Claiming tax relief on motor expenses
5th February 2017

There are numerous guidelines set by the Inland Revenue about what can and can’t be claimed for tax relief regarding motor expenses….

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Chirstmas Bonus and Staff Gifts
25th November 2016

I want to give a Christmas bonus to my staff. are they allowable? How generous of you! The answer can be yes….

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