We take tax very seriously at finance4chiropractors

We have years of experience in saving our chiropractic clients tax – and they love us for it.

At F4C we use what we consider to be simple techniques:

  • The obvious (yet often taken for granted) assurance  that you are claiming the right tax deductible expenses and maximising the effect of these
  • The constant  review of your business structure and comparisons with potential options
  • Smart dividend planning
  • Timing your big capital purchases to maximise tax relief

To the more complex techniques:

  • Incorporating your chiropractic business
  • Sale and valuation of goodwill on incorporation
  • Where should you put that property?

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Rarely will we advise solely based on tax savings. We look at the whole picture and the knock on effects of those decisions. We need you to know that we don’t do things that are short arm gains that keep you awake at night. Our ideas are tried and tested by many other clients and we can confidently say that, whilst its important that you properly pay the tax that’s due, we’ll help you pay only that which is due and no more.

At finance4chiropractors we are not a place where our personal agenda gets in the way of presenting you with all the viable options – we leave it up to you to decide, but we’ll make sure you have all the facts that help you get the decision absolutely right for you. And, of course, we are always there to support you and answer any further questions you may have.

We’ve been on this path for many years, and its unlikely that we have not come across a situation just like yours before. We encourage you to call us at f4c and  to set up a meeting, Skype call or telephone conversation to discuss your precise circumstances. Initial consultations are of course, completely free and without commitment.