The number crunching part!

If you trade as a sole trader, partnership or a limited company there are certain filing dates where forms and figures will need to be submitted to various authorities such as the Inland Revenue or Companies House. We can help with your year end accounts.

We offer a service that is tailored to the individual, whether they are an associate or clinic owner, sole trader, partnership or limited company.
Prices range from £40-£2,000 per month and include:

  • Preparation of the annual accounts
  • Preparation of the personal (and partnership) tax return for each individual
  • Notification of deadlines and timeframes
  • Notification of tax payments and methods
  • Telephone and email support regarding basic accounts queries
  • Free bookkeeping software for small businesses, where appropriate


Limited companies also include:

  • Preparation of the annual return
  • Submission of accounts to Companies House
  • Corporation tax return


This is an all round service to take care of the compliance issues that all chiropractors have to deal with on an annual basis.


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